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Centrex CRM

Augutech & Centrex Exclusive Integration

Augutech and Centrex have teamed up to offer an exclusive integration, combining cutting-edge MCA CRM and power dialer capabilities!

Through our custom integration with Centrex, experience seamless lead creation, automated follow-up searches, and a convenient click-to-call feature embedded within Centrex.

API lead create

Automatically create leads within Centrex with a click of a button.

Search leads

Automatically search leads that reside in both applications.

Click to call

Click to call leads directly in your Centrex application.
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Dialer Features

Advanced Features for the MCA Industry

Augutech boasts a proven track record of success in the MCA industry. Our comprehensive solution not only increases connected calls and funded accounts but also improves operational efficiencies through its intuitive, user-friendly system.

Rapid dial speeds

Accelerate your merchant outreach with our lightning-fast power dialing application.

Call recordings & analytics

Enhance agent training and quality assurance by accessing and listening to call recordings for insightful coaching sessions.

Live agent monitoring

Monitor all agents in real time from one screen with the ability to view their previous calls, listen, and barge in on calls.

In-depth reporting

Easily track campaign progress, manage lead lists, and analyze agent performance from a single platform.
AI Powered Scam Likely Mitigation

Start Boosting Connect Rates

Leverage Centrex CRM and Augutech's power dialing capabilities, “scam likely” mitigation technology, and number localization to enhance your connect rates and conversion rates today!

Mitigate Scam Likely

4X connect rates
Increase application output
Boost conversion rates
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5-star rating
Source Capterra
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Augutech's Seamless Integration with Centrex

Augutech's integration with Centrex is revolutionizing the MCA industry. By seamlessly merging our power dialer and Centrex CRM solution, we streamline workflows and boost conversion rates. With our tailored solution, your team connects with more merchants and converts applications into funded deals effortlessly. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to scaling your business and funding more deals!
Augutech & Centrex

Integrate Augutech's & Centrex capabilities.

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Augutech's integration with Centrex offers streamlined benefits for your contact center. Seamlessly connecting the two systems, our all in one solution enhances operational efficiency, boost connect rates and increases agent performance.
Automatically create and search leads within Centrex.
Click to call leads within Centrex to chase or follow up.
Augutechs number localization and scam likely mitigation to 4x your connect rates.
Provide supervisors with real-time analytics and recordings.

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