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Scam Likely Algorithim

Discover Augutech's advanced scam likely prevention

Unlock next-level outbound connectivity with our advanced solution. Harnessing AI capabilities, boost your connect rate for increased sales.

Augutech's Proprietary AI Powered DID Program

At Augutech, we utilize advanced artificial intelligence to address the effects of "scam likely" occurrences on your reputation and connection rates. Our AI technology monitors carrier traffic data and analyzes responses. All numbers are graded and reviewed by our team of carrier specialists. Through real-time monitoring and analysis, our AI, combined with the expertise of our specialists, allows us to effectively mitigate "scam likely" situations.

Community-Powered SCAM LIKELY Filtering

Augutech pioneers a breakthrough in call protection by seamlessly integrating crowd-sourced intelligence to shield you from robocalls, scammers, and questionable numbers. Our innovative app taps into vast data sources, automatically filtering out potential threats before you even place a call. No more pesky 'SCAM LIKELY' alerts - Augutech handles it all effortlessly, ensuring your peace of mind without any effort on your part.

DID Management And Rotational Algorithm

DID management has traditionally been a time-consuming task, often taking up valuable hours or even days of productivity. That’s where Augutech comes in, simplifying the process by handling everything from analysis and flagged DID identification to replacement, DID rotation and ongoing monitoring. Experience efficiency and profitability with Augutech.
AI Powered Solution

Mitigate the risk of encountering scam likely and spam calls during dialing.

Scam likely poses a significant challenge in the outbound space. Augutech has mastered effective mitigation tactics, ensuring seamless connections with more prospects for you.
Increase in productivity
Increase in connect rate
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Company FAQs

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
What does your company do?
Our company specializes in providing cutting-edge call center software solutions, supported by a team of dedicated professionals who offer expert guidance tailored to your specific industry needs.
When was your company founded?
Founded in 2003, our company has experienced rapid growth ever since, driven by our dedication to innovation and excellence.
What sets your company apart from you competitors?
What distinguishes us from our competitors is our comprehensive knowledge base and our team of dedicated support members who are readily available to provide expert guidance tailored to your call center needs.
What industries or markets does your company serve?
We cater to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to healthcare, finance, merchant cash advance (MCA), home improvement, and insurance. Our expertise extends across various sectors, ensuring that we can effectively meet the diverse needs of our clients.
How does your company ensure quality and compliance in its operations?
To ensure quality and compliance in our operations, our company adheres to stringent PCI compliance standards and maintains a thorough understanding of FCC regulations. This ensures that our processes and practices meet the necessary industry requirements, safeguarding sensitive data and upholding the highest standards of integrity and security.
What is the company's growth trajectory or future plans?
Our company's growth trajectory is poised for further advancement, with ongoing development in AI technology shaping our future plans. As we continue to innovate and adapt, the horizon looks promising, paving the way for exciting opportunities and expanded capabilities in the times ahead.

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